The Evolution of Food Trends: From Avocado Toast to Plant-Based Burgers, What's Next?

Food Trends Evolution

  Published : 06 Mar, 2023
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Avocado Toast and Plant-Based Burgers: What's Next in Food Trends?

Food trends have taken a remarkable journey, mirroring society's changing tastes and preferences. From frozen TV dinners of the 1950s to the rise of superfoods and the plant-based revolution, our culinary landscape has transformed in fascinating ways. As we explore the evolution of food trends and peek into the future, one thing remains constant – the desire for discounts, coupons, and savings. Join us on a delectable ride through time as we delve into past, present, and future food trends with a sprinkle of unbeatable discounts!


Convenience Meets Coupons: The 1950s and 60s

In an era marked by the rise of the working class and bustling households, convenience became the key. Frozen dinners and canned goods took center stage, providing quick and easy meal solutions for busy families. However, the quest for discounts and savings was alive even in those days. Picture this – families eagerly scanning newspapers for coupons that promised discounts on those sought-after TV dinners. Fast forward to today, and our desire for convenience remains, but now with a modern twist – enter Dinnerly, Freshly, Marley Spoon, Muscle Food, and Hello Fresh.


Superfoods and the Savings Search: The 2000s

The 2000s ushered in a wave of health consciousness. Superfoods like acai berries, kale, and quinoa captured the spotlight for their nutrient-dense profiles and health benefits. Smoothies and salads became the canvas for these nutritional powerhouses. But amidst the green revolution, the hunger for discounts persisted. As people look for the best deals on superfoods, today's health-conscious individuals turn to platforms like Vytaliving, Dinnerly,  Hello Fresh, and Freshly, where nutritious meals come with pocket-friendly discounts.


Plant-Powered Savings: The Rise of Plant-Based Diets

As environmental concerns grew louder, the trend shifted towards plant-based diets and meat alternatives. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods introduced burgers that tasted remarkably like their meaty counterparts, and veganism became mainstream. The desire for discounts and coupons also evolved, with savvy shoppers seeking ways to indulge in plant-powered goodness without breaking the bank. Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon offered mouthwatering plant-based recipes and irresistible discounts.


Personalized Nutrition and Gut Health: The Future Beckons

As we gaze into the culinary crystal ball, a future of personalized nutrition and gut health comes into view. Advancements in technology may allow us to tailor our diets to genetics and specific needs Crowd Farming. The quest for discounts, coupons, and savings will be integral to this journey. As we seek deals on superfoods and plant-based meals, we'll look for pocket-friendly ways to embrace personalized nutrition and gut-boosting foods.



The evolution of food trends has been a delightful ride through time, reflecting changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. From the convenience-driven past to the eco-conscious present and the personalized future, one thing remains constant – our appetite for discounts, coupons, and savings. So, whether you're enjoying a convenient meal from Freshly, savoring a plant-based creation from Marley Spoon, or exploring personalized nutrition with Hello Fresh, rest assured that the joy of saving while indulging in culinary wonders will continue to be a timeless trend.

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