Discovering Temu Clothing: The Ultimate Review Guide

Discovering Temu Clothing: The Ultimate Review Guide

  Published : 29 Mar, 2024
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Temu Clothing Exposed: All You Need to Know

I’ve been seeing the new shopping app pop up everywhere on my socials all year long and finally decided it was time for a proper Saw It On Social review where I vet and test out brands for YOU so you know if they are worth your money (or not!)


As a fabric enthusiast, I know online clothing shopping can be a gamble. I’ve all been there, spotting a gorgeous dress online and envisioning ourselves in it, only to be disappointed when it arrives shapeless and lackluster. The struggle is real, particularly when it comes to fabric quality. That's why when Temu, the app promising stylish Temu clothing at unbelievably low prices, gained popularity, I felt compelled to put it to the test for all the fashion lovers out there with the "Saw It On Social" test. 


Before delving into the details of my Temu purchases, let's discuss the common issues with online shopping. The quality of the fabric is a significant factor. Feeling the material through the screen is impossible, so you must depend on photos and occasionally vague descriptions. Could that airy sundress be made of sumptuous silk or poor-quality material? How about the dimensions? Sizing charts are famously inaccurate, and nothing is more frustrating than waiting weeks for clothes that won't fit.


Temu is a new site akin to Amazon and AliExpress. I made a variety of purchases (this isn’t sponsored!) to thoroughly test the brand. Here’s the lowdown before you decide to shop at Temu (or, perhaps you might reconsider... spoiler alert, it’s not the best despite the low prices). Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to online shopping.


What is my knowledge about Temu?


I heard about Temu, a new Chinese store that doubles as a massive online retailer. It offers about anything you could want at a price so low that it almost seems immoral, but I'll talk about that later. They have only been open for approximately a year—since July 2022—when this article is being written.


Temu is similar to Amazon because it offers significantly lower prices, delayed shipping, and laxer quality control.


PDD Holdings, the parent company of TikTok, actually owns Temu through ByteDance, which is an interesting move considering TikTok recently debuted its in-app shop. I predict Temu will be the source of most of the goods you buy via the app.


What I Bought From Temu


Whenever I write a products and brands review, I always try to order a lot of various items. Here I bought clothes, cleaning items, household items, random gadgets, beauty products, and electronics to really put Temu to the test.


My experience with Temu clothing.

My experience with Temu clothing

While Temu Clothing prides itself on sustainability and eco-friendliness, some of its fabric choices were less eco-conscious than I had hoped. Despite its commitment to using organic cotton and recycled materials, certain garments still contained synthetic fabrics or blends that may not align with the brand's sustainability goals. I need clarification on the transparency of its supply chain and the true environmental impact of its products.


Additionally, I needed help understanding the composition of Temu clothing fabrics listed on the app. While some items provided detailed information about the materials used, others needed more transparency, leaving me unsure about the exact fabrics and their sustainability credentials. As a conscious consumer, having clear and accurate information about fabric choices is essential for making informed purchasing decisions.


Lab Coat Shopping Experience


The next thing I tested from Temu clothing was an XL lab coat. The first thing I noticed was the strong odor coming off the package. It's common for clothing made for industrial use to have a lot of sizing and starching chemicals. Usually, a quick wash will remove any residual scent.


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The next thing I checked out were the tags. The coat that I received was a 65-to-35 polyester cotton blend. That's pretty common, given how affordable the coat is. However, a 100 percent cotton lab is preferable—especially if you're working with anything heat-related. Cotton may burn, but polyester melts.


The only things that bothered me were the buttons. The buttons were too big for the holes to slide through. Maybe over time, the slits would loosen up, but protective gear shouldn't have a long break-in period. A good lab coat should be easy to slip in and out of for convenience and in case of contamination.


Is Temu legit?


Will you receive what you ordered from Temu? In my experience, yes—and if you don't, Temu has a Purchase Protection Program that will refund your order if your item is damaged, not as pictured, or never delivered. I also recently ordered Temu clothing but never received his package; instead, I received a refund from PayPal, which could also be satisfying with the feeling of not wasting all of my money.


If you're still not sure, you can always consult your good friends on Reddit, who have many thoughts about Temu. But honestly, their findings mimic ours—Temu is legit; you just can't expect brand-name quality at discount pricing.


The BBB gives Temu a C+ and 2.5 stars, noting that the agency does not accredit the company.


If you value a clean inbox, unsubscribe from Temu marketing emails once you place an order. My inbox has remained clear, but Bufete has received dozens of emails with vague "surprise" offers since his initial purchase.


Which products should I not buy from Temu again?

products should I not buy from Temu

I tested a pair of earbuds, headphones, and a wireless keyboard and mouse from Temu, and they all worked as expected. Of course, they were of lower quality, and you could surely find better-quality tech items elsewhere.


However, I've purchased many AirPods and iPhone cases from Temu and have been pleasantly surprised. The cases are usually of great quality in color, fit, and durability.


So, the best advice we can give you is to avoid electronics and big-ticket items and instead choose accessories and small gadgets.


My final verdict on Temu


Overall, my experience with Temu is a lot like visiting Alibaba. The products are as they appear, but I am getting what you pay for. Of all the products that I tested from Temu, none of them were outright duds. They did vary in quality; for the most part, they did not perform at the same level as the products they were trying to appear with.


The coat and pants I punched at their price point and not a hair above. But I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the travel cup.


Based on my experience ordering from Temu and testing the products I received, Temu is above board. Remember that these low prices come at the cost of performance and quality.


Temu isn't somewhere I recommend shopping for high-quality electronics, but you may find some good deals in car accessories, craft supplies, fashion, decor, and—apparently—Stanley Cup knockoffs.

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